Welcome to VSC the Unreal Story

This story is losely based on the Game Unreal Tournament. The Liandri family controls the known universe and at the start is a force for good. Lo'Vuss Liandri is the beloved Emperor; the whole universe has been going through an enlightened period for thousands of years.
 Jo' Luss Liandri kills his brother taking the throne of power by force. Jo' Luss Liandri's cruelty knows no boundaries, the light of good goes out in the universe and is consumed by the darkness of evil.

 The only thing left is for The Virtual Space Cowboys to fight back. They are scattered through out the universe and most are unknown to each other. Each VSC character has his or her-own story line. Some will fight alone and others will work together. But in the end they will drive out the darkness of evil and restore the light of good.

Table of Contents